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Humanitarian & NGO

Axiom For Impact

Humanitarian organisations face extreme challenges in high demand environments where every decision is critical.


Axiom acts as a force multiplier - combining novel remote operating capabilities with access to credible local resources - to help organisations rethink and scale their delivery capacity and support wider impact.

Verification of beneficiaries
and local partners using biometrics and automated KYC ensures aid reaches the right people quickly.

Complex networks of people and data can be clearly visualised to inform better decision-making.

Reverse translation in 130+ languages enables frictionless communication supporting more effective collaboration.

Financial transactions are simplified, ensuring swift, compliant and auditable disbursement of funds without the obstacles of traditional cross border banking systems.


Axiom provides a centralised information hub that delivers the insight, accountability and adaptability to sustain results.

It's highly scalable, app-based deployment model can surge to enhance emergency response or be embedded to support
ongoing projects.

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